Praise for Hills of Home:

​"I think the book is a valuable detailed and most honest documentation of a part of Appalachia that has not been celebrated so well until now." --Earl Hamner, Jr., bestselling author of Spencer's Mountain and creator of the beloved ​The Waltons  television series

"When I first started reading "Hills of Home," I immediately began thinking of others that would treasure this book just because of the names and places involved. As I continued reading I realized I was being drawn into each circumstance just because of the way Debbie tells the stories. I could identify with so much of what she has written. She writes in a way that causes me to yearn for the life she writes about. We have come so far, but she makes it seem possible that maybe we could recover some of the way we were. I am going to be recommending this book to many people I know. I hope it influences them the way it is influencing me already. I am thankful for the effort that I know Debbie put into this literary project. I think it may be more important than she ever thought possible." ~Fred Pepper

Praise for Crosswinds:

​"Each poem represents true events, human strife, joy, dreams, nightmares and fear. Nonetheless, poetess Richard journalizes instances of her life that have become indelible in her memory. She speaks openly, often bluntly from a photographic memory about them detailing vivid description that makes them so genuine. There is no vagueness, or obscurity in her words, just glimpses of her experiences as they come and go, whilst journeying through twists and turns, a roller coaster ride written in people’s language. These poems are as refreshing as they are poignant." ~Raymond Fenech Gonzi, Publisher and editor of LITERATURE FOR THE PEOPLE, twice nominated for the prestigious Pushcart Prize, and is widely published in Europe and Canada.

Our flights through life are not always smooth. With glimpses of her life and growing up in Appalachia, Debbie Richard’s poems remind us we have within ourselves the means to break free of those who create turbulence and find inner peace."
~Trilby Plants, author of FIRE SONG - TO HEAR THE LEE-ATH SING, BOOK 1, children's books, and co-author of DOUBLE DANGER, a romantic suspense. Plants creates video book trailers and animated book covers.