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Praises for PIVOT:



"From the pen of seasoned poet Debbie Richard comes Pivot, her new anthology of poetry presenting domestic themes that reflect the significance of being human...moments are captured and preserved in time like a photograph using words...​She has a profound way of looking at what most of us have forgotten to appreciate."

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Author, Debbie Richard

“Debbie Richard, in her poems, poignantly observes the values and needs, the pains and joys,

in the human and natural worlds.  She meshes all with the spiritual, her appreciation showered

with grace, honesty, and love, and, finally, acceptance of what she cannot change.

I love her poems.” 
~DAVID SELBY , renowned actor and author of My Mother’s Autumn and Promises of Love.

PIVOT released by Adelaide Books of New York, January 2019

"Debbie Richard explores the beauty and honesty of love, regret, loss and the feelings that

come  after all of it. There is a delicacy and maturity in her frankness."
~CARRIE McCULLOUGH JENKINS, freelance editor/publishing consultant


"...This volume has been tastefully enhanced with beautiful illustrations, which adds to the

pleasure and flow of the book, which has been a captivating read...”
~SALLY ARANGO RENATA, writer and folk-artist, has been published in a number of venues

including six anthologies, is twice a Pushcart Prize nominee, and was named Poetry Fellow

2009-2010 by SC Arts Commission.

"...Delicately written and illustrated, these short poems are truly gifts from the heart..."

~CYNTHIA HODELL DYER, Poet and Songwriter; Past President of S.C. Writers Workshop;

Founding Director, Long Bay Threshold Singers